4 Tips on How to Make Mindfulness a Part of Your Everyday Life

Mindfulness means, taking the time to appreciate all around that is around you. It is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and thoughts. This will surely benefit you in more ways than one. I thought I would share my thoughts on mindfulness with you, to help you incorporate this practice into your everyday life. The New Year is here! So, now is the perfect time. 

I won’t kid you; it can be hard to keep your mind still, we all have thoughts and ideas processing, like lots of internet browser windows open at once. It becomes overwhelming at times, especially when doing it all at once. Check this right… We look after our appearance and hygiene- by showering, styling our hair and picking outfits; we even look after our cars – changing the oil and getting it washed often.

But how often do you look after your mind?

When was the last time you did absolutely nothing, for at least fifteen minutes?

Your mind is the most precious resource. It is where your million dollar ideas come from, where your most cherished feelings are stored, where your creativity comes to life. This is why you owe your mind the right to chill and not just once in a while, pamper your mind, reserve time to be still, unwind and keep you at peace. Most of the time, we are thinking about doing this or finishing that… Calling them or catching up with various tasks in our personal and business lives. I get it, 2017 is the year of up levelling right? Well, yes it is… but without mindfulness, you may find yourself to be overwhelmed, putting your feet forward without clarity. I suffered in the past from terrible anxiety and self-doubt, due to not recognizing the signs, which were telling me to be still.  Are you always on the go trying to prove to yourself that you will sleep when you make it? Yes! We all understand this saying, but understand this; ten minutes of your day minimum, will be the most rewarding investment implemented into your daily, yup, daily routine.

Practicing mindfulness can bring more awareness of what’s around you and also help you notice just how much you’ve been missing out on.

Mindfulness is the energy of awareness. Awareness of what’s around you, taking time to be present and in the moment.  As you practice mindfulness, you start to notice how much you’ve been missing out on. You’ll also realize that you aren’t as aware as you thought you were within business, relationships with family, children or loved ones.

When mindfulness becomes a daily practice, your concentration becomes powerful, and when you are fully concentrated, you have a chance to make a breakthrough, to achieve insight.

So… you’re thinking, ok, so how do I do this mindfulness, stuff? – I’ve got it covered for you, see below.

By the way,

You can practice this mindfulness stuff wherever you are, I often do this exercise whilst out and about, i also make time to do this exercise in the morning and evening.

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1) Deep Inhale Love… And Breathe Out B%^$$…
A main objective in mindfulness is really taking time to breathe in and out, as you do so, you will find yourself going into a relaxed and calm state. Take deep breaths in and out and notice how relaxed you begin to feel. Take as many breaths as you need, and once you have got into a relaxed frame of mind, be still, The best thing about doing breath work is that, at the present moment you are in, you don’t think of the future. You don’t think of your projects, because you are focusing your attention, your mindfulness, on your breath.

Ok, so now what?

2) Be still…
Become aware of your air on your body, the noises around you, if you are practising mindfulness and there is background noise, embrace it, take in the sounds and visualise drifting far away, from whatever you hear or alternatively, walking in the wind, by the beach. Your mind will wander off, but as you repeat this exercise you will notice how focused you will become.

3) Inner Dialogue … Say What?
Your inner dialogue is the conversation that you do not say out loud. The chuckle to yourself, because your inner dialogue recapped you of a memory or the reminder to call a friend for a chat… During your mindfulness session, after taking sometime to be still, talk to yourself. What do I mean? I mean actually tell yourself, what you want to attract or let go of, or ask for answers regarding your current situation. The brain is a sponge, and repeating this process, will allow you to really manifest the desired outcome you need. After this take some more breaths… and relax convo over.

4) And Say Thank you…
Once you have, finished your mindfulness exercise, say thank you!

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Here are some other ways to be mindful…

This is something that might take a while for you to master or get better at. It takes a great deal of practice, but you get better at every try. You know those times when you’re eating meals that are so good, you don’t want to stop even though your stomach already hurts? That’s the kind of mindless eating you really don’t need and can do away with. Only eat when you are hungry, and aim to plan activities that are not only based around food, it will stop you from eating when you are bored or because the food is there and you feel obligated.  Take time when you are eating to really savour your meal to take in the experience, in doing so, you will find that you may even leave some of the meal for later, as mindful eating will allow you to, receive signals in advance of the OH GOSH I’m SO full signal, we often receive after stuffing our cake holes.

Be mindful of others, how they feel, their space and how you interact with your family and peers. This will allow you to understand more about people and how they interact with you. We can often get too caught up with our own stuff, wanting to share or offload, that we may not realize that we are not being mindful of others and their own personal space.

“Miracles happen every day- change your perspective and you’ll see them all around you”, a wise man once said. Being grateful can not only helps you become more mindful, but it can completely change your perspective and outlook on life. You’ll start noticing these little miracles all around you. When you take time to consider what you’re grateful for, you’re mindfully and actively searching for those things. You simply look around your room right now, the very one you’re sitting in, what or who do you notice that you feel grateful for? You can also take a few minutes to write down 5 things you feel grateful for. Don’t just write them down; try feeling that gratitude with all your heart. Do this for a couple of weeks to build a habit of it. You will start to experience increased feelings of gratitude. You’ll notice as you start to practicing and exercising mindfulness, that when your mind is constantly racing, it often blocks you from seeing and appreciating all that is good in your life.

There are lot’s more ways to incorporate mindfulness into you day to day life; I have not covered them all. If you would like to share, how you practice mindfulness please get in touch.

Wishing you good health and abundance 2017!

Love and Iight

Luna Afriyie

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