Africa Gets No Love!

Victoria Falls, Zambia

As we prepare to make our journey abroad we are meeting so many wonderful people.  In the many conversations had with African Americans, there have been amazing perspectives regarding the “why” behind our repatriation to Africa. We didn’t realize we would be faced with the harsh reality that so many of us would question why an African American family would want to move to Africa of all places. In their minds, there is nothing to be gained by making such a move. We are in love with Africa and all that it has to offer, both as a place of residence or just as a vacation destination. Thus, in many of these conversations, we have found ourselves almost having to defend the African continent. Why is this? For some reason Africa gets no love from some of us in the black community. 

Lake Malawi 

When it comes the lack of interest in travel to the continent, the excuses are endless. Some say its too expensive and Europe or Asia are much more affordable to travel too. Contrary to what people believe the most expensive thing you will probably have to pay for is the flight there and this is only because the demand seems to be very low coming from the Americas which is why we believe the airlines hike up the prices. In addition, Africa’s tourism and travel sectors tend to focus on European and Asian tourists because those are the groups that travel to the continent the most. Therefore, you will find better deals from Europe and Asia to Africa versus America to Africa.  

Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Congo

We have also had the conversation about business opportunities on the continent and most believe there aren’t any. People still believe that most if not all African countries have horrible economies and no jobs. However, with research of any African country’s economy you will find that there are so many opportunities available. Its practically, a haven for creative entrepreneurs looking to find financial freedom. The work won’t be easy of course because a lot of the western amenities aren’t readily available but, that also creates a space for solutions and creation of jobs. It will take time but Africa’s future looks very bright. 

Ol Seki Mara Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

Have you have ever mentioned Africa to a black person and got the response, “I’m too scared to visit because of what I’ve seen on TV.” Aren’t they sick and hungry there? Aren’t they killing people there?” Well our response is, “Aren’t people sick, hungry, and losing their lives right here in America?” There are places in  Africa where safety is a concern and poverty is still an issue, but you will find that all across the world. However, there are plenty of safe places in Africa to live and visit. Contrary to what you see in the media there are very wealthy people in Africa and some extremely beautiful places to live. There is a growing middle class in Africa and a huge surge in young black entrepreneurs on the continent. Africa is growing by leaps and bounds despite the powers that be that attempt to keep it in shambles and dismantled. You should expect Africa to be in the development stage due centuries of imperialism. Let’s be realistic people! Mother Africa is just getting her footing but there is a lot of work to be done! 

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

I believe the one excuse that blows my mind the most every time I hear it is,”I’m not African, why would I want to move or visit a place I have no connection too?” Nowadays I wonder where African Americans believe they are from. Even if you feel you are something other than African why exclude this one continent and live or visit other places you have no connection to either? It seems like Africa’s reputation has been so tainted (by media) that now African Americans have no desire in having a connection with Africa at all. If other groups are flocking to Africa and its not even on your radar just ask yourself, “what am I missing?” All we are saying is “don’t believe the hype.” Go see for yourself what Africa has to offer and make informed decisions based on first hand experiences rather than making assumptions.

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