A Menswear Brand as Sweet as Chocolate

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Chocolate-by-Kwaku-Bediako

Kwaku Bediako, started a one-man production team creating his designs. He has now expanded his brand into a fashion company that is able to handle hundreds of orders per month. His workshop is located in downtown Accra and he has quickly risen to being one of Ghana’s rising fashion stars.

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Chocolate-by-Kwaku-Bediako
Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Chocolate-by-Kwaku-Bediako

Prior to the World Cup Kwaku Bediako had designed the clothing for the entire Ghanaian football team. He has showcased in runways, and has big plans to go international with his menswear. He personalises his clothing to each client. In a CNN special, Kwaku Bediako discussed the origin of the unique brand name; chocolate. Stating that he wanted to create items that you crave. His unique C logo mimics the dripping of melted chocolate and is a small accent on the majority of his mens apparel. He has used Ghanaian silhouettes and fabrics and tailored the pieces to remain edgy and current. His Instagram is filled with his designs, and latest collections.

He has been steadily expanding and there are no signs of slowing down at any point. With expansion in his production team, there are more opportunities for an international client base to get their hands on his unique designs.


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