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The Only Way Is Ghana team have been obsessed with the work of Carpentree Ghana for some time now, their high standard of finish, innovative designs and beautiful use of Wood. We had the pleasure of interviewing the company’s creative director to find out more about this amazing Ghanaian brand and get their top tips for those wishing to come to Ghana to start a business…

Please introduce yourself.
I’m Kobe Asiedu, creative director of Carpentree Ghana.

Are you a returnee? Tell us about yourself.
I’m in my early 30s. Former IT Manager of Oxford & Beaumont Solicitor now ENS Africa. Did consulting for about 2 years and then started Carpentree. I’m not a returnee. I’ve lived and schooled here in Ghana all my life. I don’t travel much outside the country but maybe when I retire early I’ll do a world tour.

What and where did you study?
I studied Political Science and Information Studies at University of Ghana for Undergrad and I hold an MSc in Management Information Systems from GIMPA.

When and why did you start Carpentree Ghana?
I started Carpentree in April 2014 because I wanted to build things and transform spaces with ideas.

What is the concept behind the brand?
Affordable aesthetic product and space designs for every Ghanaian home.carpentree shelf design-the only way is ghana

Who does the team consist of?
Myself the Creative Director, a stellar Executive Assistant (Akpene Hoggar), carpenters and suppliers.

What stood out for us about you guys was your standard and finishing…What has the reception (feedback) been from your audience?
We have maintained our design and finishing standards and clients continue to love it. However like most burgeoning startups we are still learning to do better than our yesterdays in other areas.carpentree doors-the only way is ghana

Are all of your products made in Ghana or do you import things as well?
All our products are made in Ghana. We import some accessories and raw material from Germany, Romania and Turkey via our suppliers to complete our work.

Are there any products you specialise in or do you make anything that can be made from wood?
We are generally a home improvement company. There are only a few thing that we do not do, yet. We have over the years done more kitchens, closets and flooring than anything else. This year we intend to finish about three houses with all our range of products.

Do you make items to sell or are they all made to order?
We do not make to sell. All our products are made per order and customized to suit the client.carpentree design-the only way is ghanaA lot of your kitchens (for example) look like those in the UK/US, is that the aim?
The aim is to make kitchens that mimic our clients cooking style and general kitchen use preference. I guess each client’s kitchen or any other product we make for them speaks volumes about what influences them.

How do you get clients?
Via Facebook, Instagram and referrals

What is next for Carpentree Ghana?
Construction, Training, Affordable Housing, Alternative building methods.

What is your opinion on the standard of finish of ghana made products. People tend to say the finish is of a poor standard?
The market has been saturated with mundane work and most people have accepted it because quality costs a bit more. But I think times are changing and from what I gather we are leaning towards desiring more quality work. It’s that shifting desire that keeps us in business.carpentree wine rack design-the only way is ghana

Where can people see your work?
Our work is custom made for each client so I do not have a showroom. I intend to keep it this way. I want every client to want something different, something that resonates with their personality. I believe showrooms limit clients’ ability to dream. In essence our showroom is in your mind. Whatever you want, if it’s within our ‘power’ we will make it.

Please give 5 tips for anyone wanting to come to Ghana and set up a business.

1. Any business is viable as long as you’re willing to do it more fabulously than it’s already being done.
2. Forget most of the textbook information; understand Ghana and how things work here.
3. Know the difference between mindset and culture and change only the mindset where necessary, never the culture.
4. You will grow faster if you focus on selling your product/service more than yourself. No one is interested in knowing more about the good product behind the man. It’s the reverse that counts.
5. Get to know people in your industry, even your competitors, and keep them close. Don’t try and do it all by yourself.

To contact Carpentree or see more of their work, check them out on Instagram: @carpentreeghana

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