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Hello Royals,

I had the pleasure of being part of an amazing project with Travelstart. They approached me about a campaign they were working on for Heritage Day that aims to inspire unity amongst Africans and promote Africa as the ultimate travel destination. As it sounded great and had a great synergy with what The Only Way Is Ghana aims to do by encouraging and promoting Ghana as the ultimate travel destination, it was an honour to get involved.

I was asked to do a short video explaining what makes Ghana so special and why I decided to return to the motherland. My video would accompany other bloggers and influencers from other parts of Africa, to be launched alongside a Travelstart quiz titled: “Which African country do you actually secretly want to explore?”. Users will be able to answer a couple of fun and insightful questions where they will then be presented with their ideal African country.

Watch the video here:

I took the quiz myself and can you guess where my secret destination was? Well it is hardly a secret, as this country is on my list of 5 countries to visit in Africa…It is KENYA!!! I have visited Kenya before but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do any safari trips, so next time hopefully.

Try the quiz here and see where you would like to visit in Africa, let us know your results below in the comments.


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