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The Only Way Is Ghana – is a web-series showing the journey of Lorissa Akua, a London born Ghanaian. As she works on migrating from London to Ghana, she will be working on starting a real-estate business and store in Ghana. She will be showing the highs and lows and providing advice and tips on migrating and doing business internationally…With a musical Twist!

As most of her money will be going into the move, she will be demonstrating how to look great with what you have by up-cycling clothes and accessories with Ankara (vibrant African print) fabric.
This Blog will also be used to represent the successes of Ghanaians and friends of Ghana; what they do, success, skills and talents.

Ghana stand up, this is our time to shine bright like a diamond!

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  1. Hello…I’m also relocating to Ghana from London at the end of this month your blog looks very exciting!

    I was wondering if you have any tips for me. I am finding it difficult to find an apartment and secure a job!!

    • Hi Nicky,
      Good on you!!
      I have some website for jobs and as for accommodation, I think its best to stay with someone when you first land if possible so you can find your feet and look around and negotiate accommodation instead of doing it online before you come as there are many dishonest people about.
      Email me and tell me abit about yourself and what job field and we can discuss further: theonlywayisghana@gmail.com

      All the best

  2. I love reading your blog! Im also hoping to relocate to Ghana soon, and is always interesting reading about other peoples experiences.

  3. Hi Lorissa,

    I just came across your website and I LOVE IT. Like other’s I’m also preparing to relocate to Ghana in summer 2015 and started googling for tips to help prep for the journey. I haven’t come across much sites like yours, informative, funny, you paint a vivid picture of Ghana life. Also enjoy your tips of customising ankara, inspiring stuff… One avid follower here!

    Wanted to find out if you had tips on finding jobs in Ghana?

    • Thank you for your kind words and feedback on the site, glad you find it useful.
      It is not easy finding a job in Ghana as there are nowhere near enough even for the people living here as people tend to get jobs based on ‘who they know’ which is a problem if you aren’t well connected. There are websites like jobberman which advertise here a lot but I’m not sure how good they are but you can try them, also try looking from where you are for companies recruiting or get a job where you are for an international company that you can get a transfer to Ghana. Also network, network, network…your network is your net-worth. Wishing you luck with your move next year and keep in touch.

  4. Hi! I just came across this blog. very interesting. I’ve just moved here from Accra, so maybe we could swap tips. lol. I was actually searching for a good place to eat banku and tilapia today when I stumbled onto the blog. Help?
    Have a great Monday! x

  5. for got to say i too live in London and doing project in Ghana, a 5 bedroom house in Accra and got some farm land too. the thous in Accra will have its roof on soon the next 2 weeks
    and yes SECURITY i will sort out thanks. Keep going

  6. Hi, I wish you all the best for your future in Ghana. But I have a friend there who can’t wait to get out of there because of the the major power cut that are effecting business and people’s lives dramatically. There is also a major problem in curruption out there.

    Be carful as people are not who you think you are.


  7. Hi Lorissa,
    Wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and ups and downs on the way up in Ghana. Me and Ghanaian hubby lived in Ghana for 2 years, before going to work in London and now in Dubai, but planning to move back to GH as soon as we get our stuff together so to speak:) Have also been building in Ghana, just done with first project, so I know all too well the struggles as well as the amazing opportunities and freedom that could come with it (must admit I giggled a little when I saw those bent iron rods and broken water tank, not cus its funny at all, but because i so recognize it all). Anyhow, not gonna take much of your time, but its awesome you are pushing yourself and creating something for yourself, at the same time as returning home to contribute to the economy and development. I wish you all the best and will continue to follow your journey! bless/Anna

    • Hi Anna, thanks for getting in touch with me. Im glad you are finding the journey useful and can recognise the common pitfalls of moving to Ghana. How did you get on with your project? Thanks for the support.

  8. Hello Lorissa,

    I was having a look via Google for stories/articles about people from London that have moved to Ghana and then your blog came up! I’m thinking to eventually moved to there, and will definitely continue to check out your blog. All the best.

  9. Great post on there…but i am sure you now know you can’t park almost freely these days without having your car towed in accra.

  10. I just stumbled on this website as I was google about house construction in Ghana. I’m glad I did :). I’ll be following your progress as I am also planning on purchasing a plot of land & starting construction this year as a non-Ghanaian who moved in last year. Rent charges are killing me. Any advice or offers will be greatly appreciated.

    • We are glad you did too! Thank you google!! Welcome to our society. Just make sure you get land that is free of litigation and bought from a trusted seller, also be there to oversee work.

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